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Python - Jupyter Notebook and ILWISPy for (e)Geo-education

What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

Python - Jupyter Notebook and ILWISPy for (e)Geo-education

This talk was held on 1 June 2022
The recording, presentation and other documentation can be found at the bottom of this page

Based on experiences gained from conducted (DE) courses, participants highly appreciate free choices of topics in the course domain, selection of area of interest and conduct practical work on case studies and afterwards also the exchange of results, as scripts and code developed. In acknowledgement of this and to support more flexible education material development, generic free tools like Python, with relevant site-packages, in a Jupyter Notebook environment have been introduced. GI-domain related capabilities have been enhanced by the development of ILWISPy (Windows and Linux based), which can be imported as a site-package under Python, both on a local system as well as on a cloud service (like CRIB). The presentation will highlight some first experiences and provide a short demonstration of the developed capabilities.

Target Group

staff interested to use IWLISPy capabilities as GeoInformation processing tool for onsite and distance education


Example of using ILWISPy within a Jupyter notebook environment on the CRIB