Introduction to e!geo Community

What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

Introduction to the education series talks and E!GEO Community at ITC

In this first talk series, Justine Blanford will give an introduction on the e!geoCOP project which started in January 2021.

In this session we have invited the E-learning specialists to present on our experiences in E-Learning. Since October 2020 e-learning support and development at ITC shifted from a one-man-band to a unit with two e-learning specialists and a video specialist. 

During this sessions you will be introduced to the new members of the e-learning unit who will explain what they can do for you, where you can find information on digital learning tools made available by the University and also give examples of what colleagues are doing in e-Learning at the faculty.

We will also give space for teachers willing to share their experiences.

Target Group