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When you study at the Faculty ITC in a Master's or Postgraduate diploma programme, ITC requires you to have a notebook computer that meets or exceeds certain specifications. The notebook hardware and operating system and software requirements ensure that you will have access to the resources you need to successfully complete your study. This also goes for the online education and assessment which can be part of the programme.

For online ITC programmes, the following are guidelines to guarantee optimal performance. For online oral exams and proctoring during online assessments, the webcam and headset requirements need to be met.

If you do not have a notebook that meets the minimum requirements you could consider buying one through our Notebook Project. The Notebook Project of the University of Twente offers discounted notebooks that meet our standards and have the peripherals needed to connect to the ITC/UT services. All students registered for a study at ITC may buy a notebook through the Notebook Project of the University of Twente, irrespective of the type of course.

Hardware and operating system requirements (2021-2022)*

Operating system

Windows 10 64 bit English*
(Home premium, Ultimate, Pro, Enterprise)


8 GB (16 GB recommended)

Disk storage

100 GB free disk space


15 inch, 1366 x 768


Intel® Core™ i5 Processor or equivalent (e.g. AMD)


Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Ethernet LAN


Separate mouse with left/right click and center wheel


Inbuilt or external webcam with good image quality  


A headphone or earphone with microphone **  

* Apple and Linux Operating Systems will only partially work with digital services and software offered at ITC and are not immediately supported by the help desk.

** If the headset which came with your phone is compatible with your notebook, it is enough.

Software requirements

Software that is required for your study is provided by ITC for the time that you are studying at ITC.

  1. If your computer has a different language than English installed, you can install the free English language pack from the Windows Update site. Notebooks that do not have an English operating system or language pack installed will not be serviced by the Notebook Service Centre. Supervised practical’s also rely on an English user interface.
  2. Make sure you have a genuine installation of your operating system. Non-genuine Windows versions cannot be updated with the latest security updates. 
  3. Remove unnecessary software from your notebook before you come to ITC. Demo or trial software can conflict with full software versions provided during the ITC course.
  4. Bring your installation DVD’s and license numbers in case your notebook has to be reinstalled.
  5. Make sure not to bring or install illegal software, because this will not be tolerated, access to the network, software and other services will be denied and support on your notebook will not be given any longer.

Once you are registered at ITC you can download a set of general software and a set of ITC course-specific software from ITC’s software-manager at at no extra cost. For legitimate use you only have to sign a user-declaration.

To follow (online and face-to-face) classes at ITC you will need some basic software:

  1. Google Chrome for access to the Digital Learning environment and to participate in online conferences (while other browsers might work for some functions, Chrome is the only one supported by all the tools used at ITC)
  2. Microsoft Teams for communication with your teachers and colleagues. You will be provided credentials from the University of Twente for log in.

Test your notebook

When you bring your own notebook, you can run an online test to check if your notebook meets the minimum requirements.

Test your webcam, computer audio, headset and microphone to make sure you will be able to communicate online.

Notebook Project University of Twente

If you do not own a notebook that meets the minimum requirements as described above you can consider buying a notebook through the Notebook Project of the University of Twente.

Buying a notebook from the Notebook Project of the University of Twente provides you with an array of benefits.

  • Your notebook will be delivered ready-for-use, with a pre-installed legitimate version of the operating system.
  • You will have (at least) the recommended specifications as described above.
  • You will receive full support and service from the Notebook Service Centre. When repairs take more than an hour you can borrow a notebook for the duration of the repair.
  • During your stay at ITC, you will receive support from the Notebook Service Centre. Students who bring their own laptop can make limited use of the UT-ITC Notebook Service Centre. We will assist you in downloading the software and will provide instructions on how to make a connection with the ITC network in the ITC-building and ITC Hotel.

Order information

As soon as you are admitted to one of our programmes you will receive the order information from the UT-ITC Notebook Service Center.

Pay in monthly instalments

We offer notebooks at competitive and sharp prices. However, the amount of money involved is still considerable. We offer Diploma and Master students the possibility to pay in monthly instalments.

When you place an order you will receive a receipt. ITC will advance the funds necessary for your notebook. Upon arrival at ITC you will have to sign an agreement and ITC will take care of monthly instalments from your allowance or from your bank account.

More information
UT-ITC Notebook Service Centre

Opening hours:
Monday till Friday 08:30-12:45 hrs. and 13:30-17:00 hrs. 

Hengelosestraat 99, 7514 AE Enschede

Room: ITC 1-004