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The Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation

The Foundation is funded by an endowment from Qalaa Holdings to grant academic scholarships for talented and promising young Egyptian men and women to pursue master degrees abroad in all fields of study.

The Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation was created in 2007, out of a strong will to contribute to national development through creating high caliber professionals to help enhance Egypt’s growth in all sectors. The Foundation is funded by an endowment from Qalaa Holdings to grant academic scholarships for talented and promising young Egyptian men and women to pursue master degrees abroad in all fields of study.

Qalaa Holdings is an African leader in energy and infrastructure. The firm builds businesses in core industries that will define the region’s future. The 32,000 employees of the company’s core subsidiaries and other investments work each day to deliver energy to consumers and businesses alike; to provide reliable, fuel-efficient transportation solutions; to grow or manufacture safe, healthy food; to add value to natural resources; and to help build critical national infrastructure Qalaa Holdings is a company that prizes innovation, value creation and sustainability in all of its investments and activities. Qalaa Holdings was founded in 2004 and is based in Cairo, Egypt with additional offices in Algiers, Algeria; and Nairobi, Kenya.

Scholarship value

The QHSF funds under two schemes: the full scholarship covering tuition and living expenses and the partial scholarship covering tuition only. The ceiling for tuition fees is 50,000 USD per annum. Have a look at the cost of living in the Netherlands.

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • Egypt

Application requirements

  • Applicant must be under the age of 35.
  • Must be an Egyptian national and residing in Egypt.
  • Applicant must have a minimum of two years of work experience post-graduation.
  • Is planning to pursue his/her studies at one of the top universities abroad in their discipline of choice.
  • Must have been accepted at the university and program of interest.
  • Applicant must submit an unconditional acceptance letter (with the exception of a funding condition).
  • Excellent command of language of study. Good command of the English language.
  • Involvement with activities in civic, public or international affairs (NGOs, volunteer work, etc) will be an asset.
  • Must have a genuine financial need.
  • QHSF does not fund students who have already begun their programs.
  • Not a beneficiary of any other partial scholarship or grants (with exception to waivers from the university of choice itself).
  • Upon completion of program, graduates must be committed to return to work in Egypt for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Military service status must be clear (for males).

How to apply

The form is available for download during the period of accepting applications which is from January 15 to April 15 of every year. Since QHSF application package must include an acceptance letter to the university of choice, applicants are encouraged to apply to universities as early as possible (for the following fall semester) to ensure that they obtain their acceptance letters before the QHSF deadline. As soon as the acceptance letter is obtained, applicants must simply fill in our application form and prepare the remaining required documents, and submit them to QHSF by post before the deadline stated in the QHSF schedule

The application form is only accepted by postal mail or through our FEDEX account, as per the instructions provided in the application page. Please wait a week after sending the application and send QHSF an email to ask for a confirmation of receipt. The email must be clearly titled and must contain your full name, university you are applying to and the date of sending the application. Applicants must choose only one award to apply to. If you happen to fall within the criteria of one of the specialized scholarships, then QHSF encourages you to apply for it. An applicant applying to more than one QHSF offered scholarship at the same time or more than one university within the same scholarship will be rejected.

Your application package must include the following:

  • Copy of letter of acceptance to University of choice
  • Copy of (completed) application form submitted to university of choice
  • An updated C.V.
  • Two reference letters (academic and professional)
  • Copy of Military Certificate (for Males only)
  • January 15th:

Application form made available online. Beginning of round. Applicants can begin submitting applications. 

  • April 15th:

Deadline for submitting applications.

  • May:

Shortlisting completed. Semi-finalists contacted for personal interviews.

  • June:

Scholarship recipients announced.

  • July – August:

Placement and departure of scholars

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