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Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship

The Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship is named in honour of the founder of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation. The goal of this scholarship, besides fostering interaction between Arab and European students is to provide the means for students seeking to broaden their own horizons.

The Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship is intended for Arab students who have been officially accepted into a Master's or Ph.D programme in the Netherlands or for Dutch students who have been accepted into a Master's or Ph.D programme in the Arab World.

The award is designed to enhance the postgraduate educational experience and promote intercultural cooperation by offering students from Europe and the Arab world the means to study or research in each other's respective countries.

In keeping with the foundation's mission, all areas of study are eligible for the grant, and primary requirements are that applicants must have a firm grasp of English, or the language their programme will be in. The scholarship is designed for dynamic students with an interest in fostering the formation of ties between these two regions.

Moreover, the MRS scholarship is strengthening by a mentoring programme that offers the scholarship recipient guidance on a personal and professional level and also provides access to the Fountation's extensive and diverse network and platforms.

Terms and conditions

  • once the scholarship is granted and accepted, the signed terms and conditions form acts as a legal contract between the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation and the MSR scholars.
  • a mid-year academic report is required.
  • within two months time of completion of the study, the student must submit a report of his/her experience to the Board of the Foundation. The Board of the Foundation reserves the right to edit the report for communication purposes.
  • within a year of completion of study, the student will complete a questionnaire provided by the Foundation to evaluate the impact of the scholarship.

criteria for the evaluation

  • Academic excellence.
  • Personal growth: Assessing the contribution the proposed field of study would have on the applicant's continued academic and professional development and/or its potential for impact in the local context.
  • Strong motivation in line with the ideals of the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation's goal of promoting Euro-Arab dialogue and understanding.
  • Financial need.

The Foundation's scholarship is only valid for the proposed programme of study at the academic institution specified in the application and only for the academic year for the application is made.

Scholarship value

The scholars will be selected by the Board of the Foundation by April 30th.

The Foundation will pay a scholarship that covers half of the expenses in the proposed and approved budget to a maximum of € 15,000.00 for the academic year.

Further details on the terms and conditions of the MRS to be found

Eligible Programmes and countries

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Oman
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen

Application deadline

  • 31 March 2022

Application requirements

The official application form completed in English should be used, and should be submitted to the Foundation by February 15th and be accompanied by:

  • Motivation / purpose statement (in English)
  • Curriculum vitae (in English)
  • Copy of passport plus an additional current passport photo in colour
  • Copies of degrees or diplomas with academic transcripts (with English translation)
  • Letter of acceptance from host university in the Netherlands
  • Two signed references from either academic or professional referees
  • An official course description of the programme offered by the host university
  • Budget: please provide a detailed financial overview, including tuition fees and living expenses, as well as other sources of income to cover your study in the Netherlands for the academic year you are applying
  • Signed and dated MSR Scholarship Application Form
  1. The student should hold a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) or will have completed the degree course and obtained the degree before the commencement of the academic year.
  2. Candidates should be inhabitants of a country in the Arab World or have the Dutch nationality.
  3. The scholarship is open to Arab students who have received an official acceptance letter for a Master's or a Ph.D programme in the Netherlands and to Dutch students who have received an official letter for a Master's or a Ph.D programme in the Arab World.
  4. The candidate should have a good knowledge of English and/or of the language of study if that is not English is necessary.

How to apply

When you wish to apply for the Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship, please press this button: