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Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan | LPDP (Indonesia)

The Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP) scholarship offers talented students from Indonesia the opportunity to obtain a Master's or PhD degree at the University of Twente. The University of Twente is listed as one of the top 200 eligible and preferred LPDP foreign partner institutions.

The Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan / LPDP) finances higher education in Master’s and PhD programmes with the subject Remote Sensing at the University of Twente. The scholarship aims to support the supply of educated and qualified Indonesian human resources who also possess leadership quality and a strong vision as the future leader of Indonesia. The applicants targeted for the programme are Indonesian citizens with excellent academic achievement and strong leadership quality who wish to continue pursuing studies on Master’s and PhD programmes in the subject Remote Sensing at the University of Twente, be it in similar or different fields than ones they had previously studied. The University of Twente is listed as one of the top 200 eligible and preferred LPDP foreign partner institutions. Focus will be on civil servants, personnel of national army, navy, air force and police. Available are scholarships for the disabled, for underdeveloped regions and underprivileged achievers.

Scholarship value

  • Tuition fees (at cost)
  • Financing of books, thesis/dissertation, seminar, publications
  • Transportation fees from the region of origin to the target university and back (once for each trip, at cost)
  • Health insurance (package)
  • Visa (at cost)
  • Living allowance (package)
  • Family support (package, only for PhD students)
  • Settlement allowance (package)
  • Emergencies/force majeure agreed upon by LPDP

Announcement of the selection results by LPDP will be made for the first application procedure on 24 June 2021 for programmes starting in September 2021. Announcement of the selection results of the second application procedure will be on 13 October 2021 for programmes starting in February 2022.

Countries eligible for this scholarship
  • Indonesia

Application requirements

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • be Indonesian citizens
  • be admitted to one of the Remote Senging programmes offered by the University of Twente. This means that you must have met all admission requirements set by the University of Twente and have received the Admission Letter from the University of Twente with unconditional status.
  • participate in social / science / innovation / creativity / culture activities;
  • be willing to sign a letter of declaration stating that the applicant is willing to return to Indonesia after the completion of studies;
  • have received letters of permission from the employers for the presently working candidates, or have received recommendations from a public figure for those who are currently unemployed,
  • write an essay (500 to 700 words) with the theme: “My contribution For Indonesia: contribution has been, is and will I do for the community / organization / institution / profession in my community” and “Greatest Success in My Life”;
  • submit a Letter of Good Behavior / “Suat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian” (SKCK) carried at the time of selection interviews.
  • have a maximum age, on December 31 in the year of registration, of 35 (thirty five) years for Master's programmes or of 40 (forty) years for PhD programmes.

Application requirements concerning the PhD programmes can be found on our website.

PhD's have to find and contact their supervisor and request this supervisor if they can come with their own promotion research plan. Find your supervisor:  https://research.utwente.nl/en/organisations/ and/or check: https://webapps.utwente.nl/nwhgl/

The scholarship selection schedule consists of two phases. The next registration opens on 1 August 2021. For detailed information and requirements, please visit the LPDP website.

How to apply

When you wish to apply for the LPDP scholarship, press the button Apply
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