What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?


  • I’d like to study at ITC. How do I get there?

    ITC is a faculty of the University of Twente and offers a variety of courses, ranging from Applied Earth Sciences to Water Resources and Environmental Management. Please visit our Study home page. You can find information regarding entry requirements, funding and staying in the Netherlands. Through the course finder on this page, you can find any specific course offered here at ITC. The course finder will lead you to the actual registration process. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form.

  • I’d like to study at ITC. What courses do you offer?

    Please see our Study home page and check out our course finder.

  • I cannot seem to find the course I am interested in. I know I saw it offered last year. Where can I find it?

    In our course finder registration links are rendered invisible when registration deadlines have passed, and courses are removed when they have started or been discontinued. If you cannot find the course you are interested in for this year, please check if the course is offered next year. You can use our course finder. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us via the contact form.

  • I’d like to study at ITC. Can you send me an application form?

    Generally, applications for ITC courses are made via an online system, although sending in a paper application is still possible. Candidates are strongly encouraged to use the online application method as it is very much faster than submitting a conventional application form by post.   Please see the Application section on the 'Study'

  • I’d like to study at ITC. What are the minimum requirements?

    Please check the minimum admission requirements. You will find the minimum requirements for each level of education. You require a university Bachelor degree to enter a Master of Science, Master or Postgraduate course.

Financial matters

  • How can I find the costs of studying at ITC?

    The list of all course fees can be found on the website under fees and costs

  • Do I have to pay the living allowance as well as the course fees?

    It is a requirement that candidates coming to study at ITC must deposit their living costs in advance. A monthly allowance is then paid back from the deposited sum. You will then pay all your living costs such as accommodation and meals from this monthly allowance.

  • How do I get an invoice for the course tuition fees and other costs?

    A Proforma Invoice for a course to which you have been academically admitted can be obtained by clicking on the link within your personal page in the online application system.

  • How far in advance do I need to pay my course fees?

    The deadline for payment of all fees is shown on the Proforma Invoice.

  • I have applied for a course at ITC and have received a Proforma Invoice. Is there an early bird discount?

    Unfortunately no, there is not. Please also see our section on fees and costs.

  • I have applied for a course at ITC and wish to pay my tuition expenses in instalments. What do I need to do?

    The tuition fee and additional costs are to be fully paid in advance to cover de total duration of the course. However, applicants for the MSc, Master, Postgraduate or Diploma course can pay their tuition expenses in two instalment periods. This process can be initiated by informing the admissions officer of your interest in doing so. The exact amount for the two instalments can be found on the ITC website at under fees and costs. Do keep in mind that missing your payment deadline of the second instalment will result in your immediate de-enrollment from ITC and cancellation of your visa.


  • I’d like to study at ITC. How do I get funding/a fellowship?

    There are many ways of looking for funding to follow a course at ITC. One way is to use the grant finder. For the ITC master’s (MSc) programme, studying the entire program full time in ITC a number of partial scholarships are available. In a competitive procedure scholarships will be allocated to excellent students. May we also point out that we can be found on the Nuffic study finder.

  • I would like to apply for the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP). How do I  apply?

    If you want to be nominated for an OKP fellowship you can indicate this during the course application process. At ITC you apply for a course via the study finder. Find the course suitable for you, that matches your academic and/or professional background and field of interest and register.

  • I would like to apply for the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP). What are the deadlines for ITC courses?

    We refer you to the application deadline information of OKP on the ITC website.

  • I would like to apply for the Middle East and Northern Africa Scholarship Programme (MSP) for short courses with a duration less than 4 months. How do I apply?

    If you want to be nominated for the MSP fellowship you can indicate this during the course application process. At ITC you apply for a course via the study finder. Find the course suitable for you, that matches your academic background and/or professional background and field of interest and register. This will lead you to the ITC Digital Application Form (DAF). For more information on how to apply for a course, please see our FAQ and our Study pages.

  • I would like to apply for the Middle East and Northern Africa Scholarship Programme (MSP) for short courses with a duration less than 4 months. What are the deadlines for ITC courses?

     We refer you to the application deadline information of MSP on the ITC website.


  • My name or other personal information is incorrect in my online application page. What should I do? 

    All data shown are exactly as entered by you in your online application. Please note that your name should be entered according to your passport data. You are able to correct any data during the application process. If you make changes, however, it would be greatly appreciated if you could personally inform the registration officer via your online application page.

  • I cannot upload documents in the online registration process. What should I do? 

    During the online application process, you can only upload files of the following types: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG or PDF. The maximum file size allowed for each file is 1 MB. If your files are of a different type, please convert them to PDF or JPG files first. To reduce file size, you can use black-and-white scanning. Scan your documents at a resolution of no more than 150 dpi and/or crop your scanned documents. Please make sure your scans remain readable. Thumbnails are not accepted. If you are still experiencing problems during the upload of your documents, please contact us via the contact form or request support from a friend who is familiar with IT problems.

  • I do not have sufficient space to upload all my documents. What should I do?

    Please only include the necessary and most important documents. The most important documents are degrees, diplomas and course records. Lower education diplomas such as high-school certificates or short course certificates are not required. If we find that the uploaded degrees/diplomas do not meet the standards, we will contact you through the online application process. Please also check our admission requirements per course level at our study page.

  • I do not have a degree or diploma. Can I still apply? 

    In principle, we need a degree or diploma to be able to assess your eligibility to join courses at ITC. For most courses we require a university Bachelor degree; for instance if you wish to follow a Master of Science, Postgraduate course or short course. If you intend to seek a fellowship, please note that most sponsors also need proof of your degree or diploma. For our diploma course in Geoinformatics, a Bachelor's degree is not required but proof of your high-school qualifications is necessary.

    Those who are finalizing their bachelor degree studies approx. 2,5 months (or earlier) prior to the start of the ITC course applied for, can apply at an earlier stage indicating clearly the expected period when the official bachelor degree and complete transcript will be uploaded. A letter of the present university stating the status of the student and finalization date and the transcript of courses followed and their grades should be uploaded while applying for the course. After a positive assessment by ITC a conditional letter will be provided, which will be replaced by an official acceptance letter when the official degree and complete transcript are uploaded in the application system. In the meantime the financial matters can be continued. Do note that most sponsors do not accept a conditional letter when applying for their fellowship.

  • What is a course record and why do I need to show one? 

    We need a course record, grade record or study statement from the university you attended (transcript/overview of marks/grades/subjects) to be able to assess your eligibility to join courses at ITC.

  • I need to upload a copy of my passport but do not have one yet. What can I do?

    We need a copy of your passport or EU identification card for registration purposes. However, it is not essential in the early stages of applying for an ITC course. Once you are certain of coming to ITC, a passport is an absolute necessity, not only for travelling to the Netherlands but also for visa purposes.

  • I have applied for one course at ITC but I am interested in more. May I apply for another course simultaneously?

    Yes, you may apply for more than one course simultaneously. However, we limit the number of simultaneous applications to three. Please note that your applications should be in line with your educational background. It is best to submit applications only for those courses for which you are specifically qualified, as it is unlikely that you will be accepted otherwise. Once you have applied for additional courses, we will require you to upload supporting documents again.

  • I have applied for one course but would like to change to another course. How can I do this?

    This is not a problem at all. Using the message box, please indicate in the online course application that you wish to terminate this particular application. Then, using your existing online profile, submit a new application by selecting the course you desire via the course finder. We will delete the initial application.

  • When is the deadline for submitting my application?

    The deadline for submitting your application (registration deadline) depends on the course you want to apply for.

    The main registration deadlines are:

    • Twelve weeks before starting date of Master's, Postgraduate and Diploma courses;
    • Six weeks before starting date of courses 12 weeks or less;
    • Four weeks before starting date of distance courses.

    Find the exact deadlines in the programme overview of the course of your interest. Go to the studyfinder to find your course.


  • I do not know my password anymore. What should I do?

    On the login section of the digital application system on our website, you can apply for a new password under ‘lost your password’. The password will be sent to your e-mail address of your personal profile. When you have received the new password, you can type it in for the first time when you log in again. Immediately, after your login you can change your password to a personal password which you can remember easily.

  • I would like the institute to change my profile user name.

    The profile user name (equals the communication email address) is not automatically changed for a candidate. When you wish to change it, you need to follow the following procedure:

    1. Request for the change of your profile username with an e-mail using your new e-mail address.
    2. You need to mention the old e-mail address which has to be replaced by the new one.
    3. The password will not be changed, since this password is not known at the institute.
    4. Indicate in your e-mail your complete name, place for birth, date of birth, your institute student number, your educational background, and when possible the employer details, after which we will check the profile.
    5. When the password also has to be changed, we can activate it and a new password will be sent to your new e-mail address.

Eligibility/Status: (provisional) Acceptance

  • I have been “provisionally accepted”. What does this mean?

    On the basis of the information you have supplied, you appear to be eligible for the course applied for. You can download your provisional admission letter from your online application page. However, this does NOT imply that you are in any way being offered a fellowship. The various course fees and other costs shown in the accompanying overview need to be paid in full before you may join the course. These fees need to be paid by either yourself or a fellowship sponsor. You may need the provisional admission letter for your application for funding from major sponsors such as Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) or World Bank. Please save your letter in your personal administration.

  • Apparently my status is “to be decided”. What does this mean?

    This means that your application has been received and is being processed. Possibly the information you have submitted is not yet complete, so we are unable to assess your eligibility. In this case you will need to supply further information. If further information is needed, then we will contact you. Please look for messages on your application page from the student registrar or contact us via the application page. Until the application is provisionally accepted, you will not be able to obtain a provisional admission letter.

  • I have been provisionally accepted by ITC but I still have to supply proof of English language ability. Why?

    As all courses are given in English, proficiency in the English language is a prerequisite. If you are a national of one of the countries in this list (PDF), you are exempted from an English language test. If you are not from one of these countries, then you will need to supply an English test result before you can join the course. Please note that the requirements when applying for fellowships may vary according to the regulations of the fellowship provider.

  • I have indicated in the online application process that I am a native English speaker but I still have to supply proof of English language ability. Why?

    Please check your online application process. The student registrar may have indicated the reason for the test via your personal application. If you cannot find an additional request from the student registrar, please contact him/her via the online application process.

  • I have been asked to supply proof of English language ability. I do not have it yet. May I supply this later?

    Yes, you may. You are required to give us such proof during the registration process; however, you may supply it later in the process. To obtain a final admission letter, you are required to provide ITC with a copy of the test.

  • How do I obtain a letter of admission?

    Upon receiving a “provisionally accepted” status via your online application process, you can download the provisional admission letter from your personal page. Other statuses may require you to wait a bit longer before you are admitted. This may lead to additional enquiries from the student registrar via your online application page.

  • I have received a letter of admission but I require the original hard copy from the Faculty by regular post. How do I get this?

    In principle, no hard copies are sent. Please contact the student registrar via your online application page. Make sure your postal address is correct. You can correct this information in your personal application page.

  • I have received a (provisional) letter of acceptance. How long is it valid? May I use it again for next year?

    No, unfortunately you can’t use the letter again. A (provisional) letter of acceptance remains valid for one year and only for the course you applied for.

    Therefore, you will need to re-apply for the next academic year to receive a new (provisional) letter of acceptance.

  • I have an old letter of admission that is still valid but I would like to change the details. How do I go about this?

    If you wish to change your details or receive a new admission letter, you will have to make a new application for a course via the course finder. You may use your existing profile to make the new application.


  • I have been admitted to an ITC course. How do I get a visa?

    Please check our visa and immigration page on our website website. For courses lasting more than three months, a residence permit is required for the Netherlands. ITC will apply for this permit on your behalf. Please note that you should NOT apply to the embassy for a residence permit yourself.

  • Can you arrange a visa / residence permit for my family members?

    Unfortunately, no we cannot arrange visas or residence permits for family members. Under Dutch Government rules, you need to apply for a family members residence permit once you (the student) arrive in the Netherlands. Within the application process, you will need to prove that you have sufficient financial means to support your family. Details of these requirements can be found at: https://ind.nl/en/Pages/income.aspx. Because of these rules and requirements, it will not be possible for family members to travel with you at the start of your course if they require a residence permit.

Termination of Account

  • I applied for a course online and have now received a message that my application has been removed. What happened?

    To be able to assess your eligibility for an ITC course, we need to determine whether you hold the appropriate academic qualifications. We determine this on the basis of your uploads of degrees, diplomas and course records. You must upload your highest academic qualifications within a period of 20 days. If you have not done so within this period, your application is automatically deleted.

  • I would like to terminate my application and my account at ITC. How do I go about this?

    You can inform the student registrar via the online application page at any time. We will terminate your account upon request.

  • Do I need to send hard copies of my documents by postal service?

    ITC aims to provide a clear and complete online registration process. So there is no need for you to send hard copies by regular mail. Please upload any documents via the online application.

Accommodation at ITC

  • Will you help me to find living accommodation?

    Yes, we will automatically reserve you a single room in the ITC Hotel for the period of your study.

  • Do I have to stay in the ITC Hotel?

    ITC courses are considered as ‘residential’, and students are required to stay in the ITC hotel for the first 12 months of their stay.

  • Can you book me a double / family room?

    The ITC only has single accommodation, we do not have double or family rooms available.

Request for information

  • I’d like to study at ITC. Can you send me an information brochure?

    Every year ITC produces a very clear and complete education brochure. You can find all the brochures on our website in the library, under Corporate publications. If you still require a printed brochure, we will be happy to send you one. Please fill out the contact form.