What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?
“Lifelong friendships”

Marco Rusmini works as a consultant at Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in Italy. From 2007-2009, he studied GIS & Remote Sensing at ITC, where he also was the general secretary of the Student Association Board (SAB). He has fond memories of ITC, and in particular of activities related to SAB. ‘Representing students at SAB taught me many valuable lessons. ITC involved us a lot in important matters, varying from university issues to problems concerning students’ study or private life. The ITC board really listened to our points of view and let us be a vital part in the discussion and solution pro-cess,’ says Rusmini. The lifelong friendships he made here are still very precious to him. He regularly keeps in touch with old study-mates, many of them also working in the field of GIS and remote sensing. For Rusmini, having ITC named on his CV resulted in receiving several invitations for job interviews. He clarifies: ‘One of the interviewers told me that as I had studied at ITC, he didn't need to ask me anything technical, as my expertise would surpass his anyway. He just simply relied on my knowledge because I had studied at ITC.’ One of the projects Rusmini would like to start if he won a grant, is developing a d ata management system with a strong GIS component, linking ITC’s expertise with the private sector.

Text: Marjolein Gosseling
Photos: Arjan Reef & ITC Faculty