Delivery Metadata Academic Output

This form for delivering metadata concerning your academic output is a service from the ITC Faculty Library. Through this form the delivered metadata will be transferred to our database Adlib; the ITC library catalogue which is at the same time our research management information system.

The library staff will do some editing and verification, if necessary, before entering the metadata into the database. The information will also be uploaded to the UT Repository. If possible we place the full text of the articles on the Internet. We always check the copyright possibilities or restrictions.

As soon as the information has been added to our database Adlib the information is automatically displayed on the

  • Academic Output pages,
  • the Departmental Pages,
  • the Research Theme Pages,
  • your Personal Resume Page.

A wide range of (digital) publications can be submitted through this form.
Choose the correct category in the listing below and fill in the form.

For further information on submitting documents and/or metadata, please consult Marga Koelen.

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