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What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

Since you have been studying at ITC we suppose you know the ITC Library very well.

During your study at the ITC, we tried to create an environment for you, in which you were able to select, acquire and present the information necessary for your study.
Besides that, we tried to teach you the necessary skills to do so.

Since you are back in your own country you can no longer profit anymore from the environment of the ITC Library. Maybe there are very good facilities in your neighbourhood and you do not need ITC library anymore.

We found out that many alumni like to keep in touch with ITC library for their information needs.
That is why we made a special section on our homepage for you.


We hope you understand we cannot give you the same support and services as during your stay in ITC but we will try to explain the different services you can use from our homepage and which services we can offer.

First of all our catalogue, ADLIB is accessible for you through the Internet. The catalogue contains bibliographic data on books, journal titles, conference proceedings, maps, audiovisual materials, websites, MSc theses, PhD theses, IFA PM reports and all other output from ITC staff members and students. For many sources, only bibliographic data is available, but also links to full text are provided.

Furthermore, you can use our Digital Library to have access to other databases. All information listed deals with the core business of ITC: GIS and Remote Sensing.

Full-text sources are also available from Academic Output (link missing) [2016 2000]. For each year the academic output is organized into categories. Most MSc theses are available as full text since 2002; the same goes for PhD theses. Also, other types of academic output sometimes have links to full text. If there is an Open Access paper available, it will always be the first link.

Under News, you may find our weekly published list of Latest Additions (link missing) to the library collection.

On the General information page, the more information on available databases (link missing) section gives you information on how to use various platforms and databases. Be aware that some databases are only accessible to staff and students of ITC.

You cannot borrow books from ITC Library but in some cases, we will send photocopies of parts of books or journal articles. Also, we are not allowed to send you complete e-books, if possible we will inform you of Open Access alternatives.

Free and Open Access resources

Our special Open Acces (link missing) page guides you to a wide range of scientific information that is available in Open Access platforms. Also, a selection of journals on ITC research topics is listed at the end of this page.

You may be familiar with the reference manager Mendely (link missing) which is free for everyone. Now also EndNote has a limited (50,000 ref) free online edition you may want to try.


If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible and inform you of the services we can offer you.