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ITC Entrepreneurs

ITC Entrepreneurs

In the strategic vision of ITC (ITC 2020: More Space for Global Development) it is mentioned that “ITC considers its alumni to be it most important “product”. They are our proud ambassadors and preferred partners in many projects. ITC will continue to consult and access its alumni network to achieve its mission and its goals. ” The strategic vision also states that “entrepreneurship and innovation will be specifically targeted in our new capacity development activities and education programs” and that “ITC wants to develop its entrepreneurial core value, and intends to engage with the private sector to take the role of gateway organization. 
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"A major selling point of GeoNAREM is the diverse background of team members, each offering a
wealth of expertise and experience in fields of application including Forestry, Agriculture, Geography,
Environment Management, Geology and GIS and Remote Sensing."
Aristotle Boaitey, Team Leader

ITC Alumni Entrepreneurs
Ambient Sensing

Ambient Sensing offers consultancy services for projects, education and research in the following areas: Remote Sensing, Catchment Hydrology, Flood Modeling, Water Management, Eco-Hydrology and Agro-Hydrology

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GeoNAREM stands for Geoinformation for Natural Resources and Environmental Management. We are  a multinational organization with discipline-specific expertise in the application of geospatial tools in the planning and implementation of responsible management of natural resources, as well as in collaborative stakeholder planning and decision making.

GeoNAREM aims to bridge this gap through the application and provision of Geospatial tools and services to improve people's livelihood.

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Maps and visual representations

I am fascinated by ways to represent the visible and visualize the invisible: maps, signs, symbols, color and typography; and have pursued these visual forms through painting, graphic design, geographic information systems and cartography. I enjoy interdisciplinary projects and have worked with scientists, economists, and humanitarian and development professionals.

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 GeoCensos is a social enterprise project to support the adequate use of geoinformation in all kinds of organizations, especially at National Statistics Offices. 

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Based on the technology developed in University of Twente, we now can create accurate LOD2 building models quickly. We combine AHN lidar data and BGT/BGA/TOP10NL maps, therefore the 3D models is well consistent with the 2D maps on the ground plane. We are able to provide 3D building models for the whole Netherlands with AHN2 data. As soon as the AHN3 data is ready, we can as well provide updated models. City changes in the last several years can also be discovered by comparing the two datasets. 

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