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Second ‘top rated programme’ designation in a row for ITC

The master programme Geo-information Science & Earth Observation of ITC has received the honourable designation 'top rated programme' for the second time in a row. The designation is awarded in the Keuzegids Masters 2016, a publication of the Dutch Center for Higher Education Information (CHOI) on the quality of academic educational programmes.

Master programmes are awarded scores between 20 and 100, and if they score 76 or more, they are awarded the designation 'top rated programmes'. The master programme Geo-information Science & Earth Observation received a rating of 76. In the ranking of educational programmes in geo-information this means a second place, with only Wageningen University scoring higher.


The Keuzegids Masters gives prospective master's students an overview of the quality of the different master's programmes in the Netherlands, as it considers all officially registered university and university of applied sciences master's programmes. In most master's programmes, a quality assessment is also given based on student judgements in the National Student Survey (NSE) and the assessment of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

Students at ITC are greatly satisfied on facilities and are positive on teaching staff, the content of the programme and the ability to bring knowledge into practice. The expert panel was especially satisfied on the ambitions on the target level of graduate students and judged positively on the educational programme to match that ambition.


Geo-information Science & Earth Observation is one of the three master programmes at the University of Twente, as also Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering were assessed as being outstanding. With an average score of 62 points, the University of Twente ranked first of the three technical universities in the Netherlands. Overall, the UT took the sixth place, comparable to the years before. Nine studies ranked highest in their category: Applied Physics, Civil Engineering & Management, Construction Management & Engineering (shared first place) Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Technology and Technical Medicine.