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Spatial Engineering: designing a sustainable future

An exciting prospect for the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente: a new master’s programme. From September 2017, the faculty will offer the master’s programme of Spatial Engineering. The master’s programme is a perfect match for students with a strong affinity with technology and systems and who are inspired by large-scale, complex challenges.


Students following the master’s programme of Spatial Engineering work on complex societal challenges such as the use of natural resources, including water, energy, food, the catastrophic effects of natural disasters and the impact of demographic developments on humans and the environment.

The solutions for large-scale, spatial problems require more than just technical expertise. Think for example on all the different views stakeholders have on the cause, and therefore, solution of the problem. In the master’s programme, students will learn to design and analyze models that incorporate stakeholder’s views and interests.

With a degree in Spatial Engineering, students will be an engineering professional with a helicopter view and an expert in spatial information science. Key words in this master’s programme are GIS and remote sensing.


The Spatial Engineering Master’s programme is unique in the Netherlands and closely follows demand from the business sector. ITC, in collaboration with a professional advisory board, recently conducted research into market demand for the programme. Both the national and international business sectors clearly expressed their wish for highly skilled technicians who are also able to contribute social and socio-economic knowledge.


The master’s programme Spatial Engineering will be coordinated by the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente. The Faculty has its excellence in spatial information science and solid understanding of developing world issues around the globe.

Before the University of Twente can offer a new master’s programme, it must be accredited and officially registered in the Netherlands. The Spatial Engineering is a new master’s programme and we are still in the process of having it accredited and registered. We expect to have to programme officially registered in May 2017 and start the programme in September 2017. In the meantime, application is open! For more information and registration: