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ILWIS 4 coming up: sneak preview

ITC develops the Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS, ILWIS is an Open Source C++ based Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing software. It delivers a wide range of features including import/export, digitizing, editing, analysis and display of geodata, as well as the production of maps. ILWIS software is renowned for its functionality, user-friendliness and free use, and has established a wide user community over the years of its development. ILWIS is currently being renewed and transformed into a more versatile software with a redesigned plug-in platform and APIs.

Release ILWIS 4

The new ILWIS 4, of which a beta version will be released around summer, is a modern modular GIS and RS software platform, emphasizing ease of use, customization and integration with third-party software. Researchers, trainers and students can easily implement, store and share their methods via software, in addition to their written reports.

On Wednesday 27 January, a small event took place at ITC, including a presentation of current ILWIS activities and demonstrations on selected functionality of ILWIS 4, including the new workflow builder.