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Delft - Kanaalweg, (TU Delft, Geodesy)

1950-1956 Delft, Kanaalweg, (TU Delft, Geodesy)

The ITC came into existence by passing the charter of foundation on 11th July 1950. By that time there was no building for the new organization. It housed in a part of Geodesy building to the Technical University in Delft. Founder of the ITC – Willem Schermerhorn – was professor at the TU Delft and lived in the professor apartment at the Geodesy building. 

After receiving a loan from the Netherlands Government, preparations could be made for a building specially designed for the training of photogrammetrists and photo-interpreters. This building was erected on the premises of the Delft University at the Kanaalweg. The building designed by architect Postel, was constructed from a steel skeleton onto which front panels were attached, using a new assembling system called 'airey': a very modern building in thosedays!.