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Cultural Attaché visits ITC

The faculty of ITC has a long history in terms of collaboration with Iraq. For various reasons this collaboration has somewhat declined in intensity during the last few years. But at present the opportunities are increasing.

On 17 June, Dr. Mufeed Turkei, the cultural attaché of the republic of Iraq, has visited ITC. He was welcomed by managing director, Mrs. Erna Leurink, Professor Alfred Stein from the faculty management team and Mr. Paul Schoonackers and Dr. Yousif Hussein.

Dr. Mufeed Turkei spent some three hours in the building and oriented himself on the educational opportunities between ITC and the republic of Iraq. He showed a warm interest to expand current educational activities, where in particular joint education was considered favorable. During his tour through the ITC building he met with several students from Iraq and he admired the positive atmosphere and the pleasant working circumstances. We all hope that this meeting will be the beginning of the way of a renewed cooperation between ITC and the republic of Iraq in the near future.