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ITC operates as a node in an international knowledge network between scientific and professional organizations.

Academic and professional partnerships allow ITC to offer its services in the field of research, education and project services worldwide.


Since its inception in 1950, ITC has developed a broad global network of partners, and it wants to continue to actively pursue and elaborate our international partnerships within our knowledge domains. In general, many partnerships have already been established in the fields of education, research and other capacity development activities – in fact ITC is an established brand name when it comes to its mandate for organizational capacity development. 

The ambition of ITC is to expand its reputation as a centre of excellence (knowledge exchange hub) in its knowledge domain. This requires the faculty to play an internationally recognized leading and coordinating role both globally and regionally. Our intention is to organize this together with other supra-national regional partners. Our focus will be on achieving impact in the global South. In addition, ITC will foster networks of multiple universities and institutes, leading to South-South collaborations.