Principles of remote sensing

Principles of Remote Sensing course


The materials provided after registration is a full introductory course to Remote Sensing with a 5 days duration and an estimated study load of 40 hours. The course consists of presentations, exercises including the open-source ILWIS software.


Participants learn the basics of a free Remote Sensing software, the spatial handling of imagery and image arithmetic, image classification and data manipulation and a glance on qualitative remote sensing. 

Generic syllabus

The course contains the following topics:

  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and Sensors 
  • Remote Sensing system, Platforms and sensors. 
  • Geometric aspects of imagery 
  • Image visualization and enhancement 
  • Visual interpretation of Remote Sensing Images 
  • Image and tables arithmetic (in combination with practical) 
  • Vegetation indexes (reading and calculation in combination with practical) 
  • Digital image classification (in combination with practical) 
  • Radiometric and atmospheric corrections (in combination with practical)

Distribution of the material for this training

All the material for theory and practicals are distributed in a single zip-file. Once opened 7 folders are created:

  • Folder 1 Material: containing the e-books relevant to the course 
  • Folder 2 Software: ILWIS 3.3.1 academic version and patch to make the software free. Includes the installation instructions in a readme file. The software must be installed to solve all practicals. 
  • Folder 3-7: material per day for the lectures/theory and the practicals.




Objectives of RS course

Document gives a detailed description of the objectives and the syllabus of the course.



Daily Programme

The course is set-up in 5 sections; each section can be covered in plus minus 8 hours. The detailed daily programme is provided here. 



Extractable file

All files needed for the course including the software is provided here. (Take care the zip-file is 300 MB.)


After registration you will get access to all relevant materials.