Principles of GIS course


The materials provided after registration is a full introductory course to GIS with a 5 days duration and an estimated study load of 40 hours. The course consists of presentations, exercises including the open-source ILWIS software.


Participants learn the basics of GIS concepts. GIS concepts are software independent. To digest the principles and get a feeling of how a GIS software tool works the open source ILWIS will be used. ILWIS is the same tool used in the Remote Sensing course.
Databases will be discussed but the content is software specific. ILWIS does not have a complete database, but the elements in it allow the learning of the basics.

Generic syllabus

The course contains the following topics:

  • Introduction to GIS 
  • Spatial data types 
  • Database management 
  • Georeferencing 
  • Data acquisition, preparation and input and data preparation 
  • Spatial data Analysis 
  • Data visualization and presentation

Distribution of the material for this training

All the material for theory and practicals are distributed in a single zip-file. Once opened 7 folders are created: 

  • Folder 1 Material: containing the e-books relevant to the course 
  • Folder 2 Software: ILWIS 3.3.1 academic version and patch to make the software free. Includes the installation instructions in a readme file. The software must be installed to solve all practicals. 
  • Folder 3-7: material per day for the lectures/theory and the practicals. 




Objectives of GIS course 

Document gives a detailed description of the objectives and the syllabus of the course.



Daily Programme 

The course is set-up in 5 sections, Each section can be covered in plus minus 8 hours. The detailed daily programme is provided here.



Extractable file 

All files needed for the course including the software is provided here. (Take care the zip-file is 500 MB.)


After registration you will get access to all relevant materials.