The Department of Earth Systems Analysis offers a challenging programme of short courses:

These courses are targeted at professional workers who wish to increase there knowledge and skills. Also MSc students who are interested to follow courses outside their home institution will find these courses beneficial.

Learning in an International Setting

These short courses provide an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with an international group of students and professionals with a shared interest in earth surface processes, natural hazards and disaster risk management.

Focus on Remote Sensing and GIS

The availability of good quality spatial information is crucial to many components of disaster risk management. At ITC we aim at training a new generation of natural hazard experts, disaster risk managers and decision makers capable of producing and applying up-to-date geo-information to reduce disaster risk and to contribute to a more sustainable way of living. By sharing knowledge and expertise in the use of remote sensing and GIS we intend to contribute to local, regional and global environmental challenges.


Bart Krol
Course director
+31 (0)53 4874 568