How can I use the living Textbook in my education? 

When you are a staff member of the University of Twente, you can start immediately. Log into the Living Textbook via the link Click on the Surf Conext logo and provide your credentials. Follow one of the examples below.  

1.     Using a public content textbook in your education:

  • This content is already available and you cannot make any changes to it
  • The content is public, so you do not have to add your students to the study area to make the content available to them 

2.     Follow the steps below to get started when you want to use the Living textbook with your own fixed content:

  • Create a new study area (Dashboard, study area, Add)
  • Follow the tutorial to add content to your study area
  • Follow the tutorial to add learning paths
  • Go to Permissions and add your students
  • Make sure that learning analytics is activated

3.     Using the Living Textbook to let students create their own concept map and/or content:

  • In the two examples above, students cannot make any changes to the content of a study area. To allow students to create new content, add concepts, or define learning paths, they need “edit” rights. Start with deciding if each student requires his/her study area. You may want to combine all your study areas in a group (folder).
  • Create the required study areas and go to permissions to add your student(s) and provide the necessary edit rights.

 In case you want to use the Living Textbook but you are not a staff member of the University of Twente, or you require extra help setting up your course, please contact Marie-Jose Verkroost (