The GDR makes use of cutting edge technology of interactive surfaces and tangible user interfaces. These are large touch-enabled screens and tables used to support stakeholder collaboration through common visualization and spatial information handling.


Two different types of interactive surfaces are included in ITC’s GDR: a large scale (77 inch) digital whiteboard system mounted to the wall, that can be used for large group interactions and three horizontal tabletops (touch tables of 32 and 42 inch,), to be used for small group (up to six members) interactions. In addition a separate computer network is implemented that facilitates individual input of participants in a decision making process.


The touch tables are equipped with recent GIS- and Planning Support software like ArcGIS®, CommunityViz PSS, etc. For collaborative decision making Accord™ Enterprise Decision Management Software is running in the GDR. Further software included in the room supports group activities like brainstorming, collaborative mind mapping, digital discussions and cooperative learning.