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The ITC Group Decision Room (GDR) is equipped with state of the art technology of interactive surfaces and tangible user interfaces to facilitate hands-on education and research in the field of collaborative spatial planning and decision making. It is used in various educational programmes in ITC as well as for research projects.

Collaborative decision support procedures aim at involving stakeholders following conflicting objectives in decision-making processes. These processes can be structured into a sequence of converging and diverging steps that make use of various consensus-building methods: stakeholders develop alternative planning scenarios, brainstorm jointly on evaluation criteria for certain plans, sketch different plan alternatives, or assign individual priorities and criteria weights during an assessment.

These various steps go along with a frequent change of working modes, from individual activities to large group collaborations, aiming to converge to a consensus decision in the end. The GDR is set up in order to facilitate this process of convergence and divergence during collaborative decision making. Various hard- and software components can be utilized to support the different phases of spatial decision making.