What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

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Resources & facilities

Whether you are studying, playing sports or just relax, our facilities make the Faculty ITC of the University of Twente an exceptional place to learn and live.


ITC provides accommodation in well-furnished rooms at the ITC International Hotel (IIH) as an integral component of a study at ITC. 

ITC Hotel


From Monday to Friday, a variety of moderately priced meals and snacks are available at lunchtime from the self-service restaurant on the ground floor of the ITC building.  


The ITC faculty library supports the primary processes of the Faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation by ensuring adequate provision of, and efficient end-use access to, useful scientific material. This means that the library contributes to the effectiveness of the education provided by the Faculty and the research executed at the Faculty.

ITC Library

Research Facilities

ITC offers lab facilities for research to both staff and students. 

Medical Facilities

A general practitioner group is on hand to offer initial medical counselling.

Student Affairs office

The Student Affairs office is the first port of call for course participants when questions arise. The Student Affairs officers support course participants during their stay at ITC and are a veritable mine of information. They offer a comprehensive service, covering such matters as residence permits, social and cultural matters, emergencies at home, consular affairs and general student information.