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Examination board

The WHW (Dutch Law on Higher Education) requires the establishment of an Examination Board for each education programme or groups of programmes. The Faculty ITC decided to establish one Examination Board for all MSc and Master degree, Diploma and Certificate courses of ITC.

The Dean of the Faculty ITC has installed an Examination Board on 2 February 2011.

The Examination Board has to decide in an objective and professional manner whether a student has achieved all knowledge, skills and attitudes, as defined in the OER (Onderwijs- en Examenregeling) for awarding of a degree, diploma or certificate of a specific course. Therefore, the Examination Board monitors and is involved in all aspects of assessment from policy on assessment via appointment of assessors to the decision about complaints related to assessment.

The Examination Board:

  • Assures the quality of all examinations in the degree, diploma and certificate courses
  • Assures that all examinations together cover the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are defined for award of the degree, diploma or certificate
  • Appoints all assessors / examiners and examination committees
  • Contributes to and approves ITC’s policy on quality assurance for assessment
  • Establishes and approves all assessment regulations and instructions for examination committees
  • Decides on and awards the degree (with Diploma Supplement), diplomas and certificates (both with Course Record) to individual students
  • Decides on deviation of the formal curriculum by individual students
  • Acts as Requests and Complaints Board for issues related to assessment.

The Examination Board consists of 5 staff members:

Prof. dr. ir. George Vosselman (EOS) Thomas Groen (NRS)
Dr. Raul Zurita Milla (GIP)
Dr. Tom Rientjes (WRS)
Dr. Marie-José Verkroost (CES), executive secretary