Academic Board

What's the Master's Geo-information Science and Earth Observation about?

The Academic Board is responsible for academic policy development and quality assurance (except for educational matters).

Composition Academic Board


Prof. F.D. van der Meer (Freek)

Chair, Professor of Earth Subsurface Systems Analysis


Prof.dr. M.K. van Aalst (Maarten)

Professor of Spatial Resilience of Disaster Risk Reduction

Prof.dr. J.I. Blanford (Justine)

Professor with emphasis on Teaching

Dr. R.A. de By (Rolf)

Associate Professor with IUS promovendi

Prof.dr. V.G. Jetten (Victor)

Professor of Earth Surface Systems Analysis

Prof.dr. M.J. Kraak (Menno-Jan)

Professor of Geo-Visualisation

Prof.dr. N. Kerle (Norman)

Professor of Remote Sensing and Disaster Risk Management

Prof.dr. C.H.J. Lemmen (Chrit)

Professor of Land Information Modelling  

Dr. M.W. Lubczynski (Maciek)

Associate Professor with IUS promovendi C.M.M. Mannaerts (Chris)

Associate Professor with IUS promovendi

Prof.dr. M. van der Meijde (Mark)

Professor of Earth Structure and Dynamics

Prof.dr. A.D. Nelson (Andy)

Professor of Spatial Agriculture and Food Security

Prof.dr. K. Pfeffer (Karin)

Professor of Infrastructuring Urban Futures

Prof.dr. A.K. Skidmore (Andrew)

Professor of Spatial Ecology

Prof.dr. R.V. Sliuzas (Richard)

Professor of Urban Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction

Prof.dr. G. van der Steenhoven (Gerard)

Professor of Meteorological and Climatological Disaster Risk Reduction A. Stein (Alfred)

Professor of Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis

Prof.dr. Z. Su (Bob)

Professor of Spatial Hydrology and Water Resources Management

Dr.Ir. C. van der Tol (Christiaan)

Associate Professor in Ecohydrology and Earth Observation A. Veldkamp (Tom)

Professor of Spatial Environmental Quality M.G. Vosselman (George)

Professor of Geo-Information Extraction with Sensor Systems

Prof.dr. D. van der Wal (Daphne)

Professor of Spatial Water Quality and Aquitic Systems

Prof.dr. C.J. van Westen (Cees)

Professor Multi-Hazard Risk Dynamics

Prof. Dr. Ir. L.L.J.M. Willemen (Wieteke)

Professor of Spatial dynamics of ecosystem services

Prof.dr. J.A. Zevenbergen (Jaap)

Professor of Land Administration Systems

Prof.dr. R. Zurita Milla (Raul)

Professor of Spatio-temporal Analytics

Secretary J.G. Ferwerda (Jelle)

Coordinator Research