Boards & councils

Academic board

The Academic Board is responsible for academic policy development and quality assurance (except for educational matters). The composition of the Academic Board is as follows:

Prof. dr. ir. A. Veldkamp

Chair, Professor of Spatial Environmental Quality

Prof. dr. P.Y. Georgiadou

Professor of Geo-Information for Governance

Prof. dr. V.G. Jetten

Professor of Earth Surface Systems Analysis

Prof. dr. M.J. Kraak

Professor of Geo-Visualisation

Prof. dr. N. Kerle

Adjunct Professor of Remote Sensing and Disaster Risk Management

Prof.dr. C.H.J. Lemmen

Professor of Land Information Modelling  

Prof. dr. ir. M.F.A.M. van Maarseveen

Professor of Management of Urban-Regional Dynamics

Prof. dr. F.D. van der Meer 

Professor of Earth Subsurface Systems Analysis

Prof. dr. ir. A. Stein 

Professor of Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis

Prof. dr. Z. Su 

Professor of Spatial Hydrology and Water Resources Management

Prof. dr. ir. M.G. Vosselman 

Professor of Geo-Information Extraction with Sensor Systems

Prof.dr. D. van der Wal

Professor of Spatial Water Quality and Aquitic Systems

Prof. dr. J.A. Zevenbergen 

Professor of Land Administration Systems

Dr. ing. T.H.M. Rientjes

Coordinator research, Secretary