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Keep Going, Keep Growing

Further shaping talent management at ITC

As a member of the ITC staff, you face the challenge of optimally using your talents and continuously working on your development and career.

As a manager, you face the challenge of getting the most out of yourself and the staff you are responsible for. As support staff, you face the challenge to contribute to the academic activities of education and research. As a (PhD) researcher, you face the challenge of constantly trying to stand out from the crowd, and as a teacher, you face the challenge of providing high-quality education in keeping with modern-day standards. And all of this needs to happen in an international and dynamic environment.

Keep going, keep growing

At ITC we believe that by investing in yourself -KEEP GOING-, and your development -KEEP GROWING-, you can make our science and education better, our services healthier, our careers and opportunities boundaryless, and make our impact on society sustainable.

That is why we started the project "Further shaping Talent Management at ITC".

Talent development embraced by ITC

Talent Development is a set of integrated organisational human resources processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. Talent development aims to create a high-performance, sustainable organisation that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.

"We see our talent as:

  • Broad - characteristics that match a person’s natural aptitude; each set is unique and valuable
  • Developable - the level of a ‘natural characteristic’ now is open for development
  • Adaptable - the expressed ‘natural characteristics’ can shift over time and conditions
  • Enhancing the individual and team - the expressed ‘natural characteristics’ benefit the organisation as well as the individual (Professor Tanya Bondarouk)

For the development of talent, we not only have an extensive internal training programme but also offer coaching, career guidance, and assessments. We aim for our talent management policy to foster a culture of recognition and appreciation." (Source: UT Jaarverslag 2020)


What do we want to achieve?

On a strategic level

  • policies for talent management are developed and operational;
  • talent management is internalised.

On operational level

  • all staff is actively participating in personal and team talent management;
  • sabbatical as a tool for talent development is available;
  • a leadership programme is started;
  • a personal and team development plan is introduced and used;
  • a talent portal is operational.

Milestones and progress

Within the project, we formulated several milestones. You can read more about these milestones and their progress.