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Schermerhorn Race

General information

UPDATE: registration still open on the Schermerhorn Race website.

UPDATE: schermerhornrace results reported

From Saturday October 16 to Friday October 29 ITC hosts the Schermerhorn race; a unique experience in which you can participate by walking, running, cycling, swimming, roller blading etc. The choice is yours as long as you can cover the distance using a sustainable, environmentally friendly method. We would appreciate it if you can think of alternative methods using your own energy, solar energy, wind etc. On this website you can preview the route, register for participation by selecting sections, check when, how and where others are participating etc. Later we will also enable to view the memories of the ones who already participated.

The objective is not to have the fastest time, highest speed, or the complete coverage of the route. The objective is to enjoy a social, sportive activity celebrating ITC’s 70th anniversary with as many different ways to move, as many participants as possible and as much fun as possible (under the then prevailing COVID-19 regulations).

Save the environment - collect your garbage

Obviously we would like you to pay special attention to the environment. That is also one of the reasons why we ask you to participate in an environmentally friendly way. Let's add to that that we would like to ask you to collect all your garbage and perhaps even the garbage you find along the route. We will supply a garbage bag in the survival package. Inspire others and share how much you were able to collect. For the most exceptional result we will have a prize!

The route

The route is predefined and connects the Kanaalstraat in Delft, where the first ITC building was erected in 1951, and the University campus in Enschede (where ITC will be located as of 2022). It passes by points of interest including places with a relationship to ITC, internship hosts, fieldwork areas but also historic and touristic locations to make participation as pleasant as possible.

The route is dissected into sections of limited length. Most sections of the route make use of bicycle routes and low traffic roads. You are forgiven if you get lost and cover a totally different stretch; never mind, please still share your experience with us.

A sneak preview of the route is given below.

The 44 sections (average lenght 5K)

Indication of the elevation and pavement

The route has been designed with running as the prime activity in mind which means that sections can pass through semi rough terrain, use sandy roads etc. In total 16 sections with a combined length of 93 km will allow use of the parallel canals/rivers for another challenging activity like canoeing, SUP or even swimming (at your own risk of course). With each section we have added information on the suggested/possible special activity.

Schermerhornrace website

The website to select sections, register and check out what others are planning to do is under construction, but more detailed information on the sections can already be viewed here (the Schermerhornrace website opens in a new tab in your browser): 

Download the GPX or KML files per segment of the route from the above mentioned website, or download the GPX or KML for the full route here. Also provided here for planning purposes: an excel with the route segment definitions to support sorting and filtering:

You can register to cover a section or several sections and let others know when and how you intend to cover the distance. Leave a note when you would like others to join or when you need assistance to travel.

The website does not offer the option to remove your registration as particpant or team. For deregistration (eg because you decided to join a(nother) team) you have to send an email to Schermerhorn Race at gmail.

Who can Participate?

Participation is open to current ITC students, staff and alumni accompanied by their direct relatives. Of utmost importance is that participation is at your own risk and by all means and in all situations you should obey the prevailing laws and traffic regulations.

Staff, students and alumni who are abroad are also invited to participate. You can register without selecting one of the sections and write down how and where you intend to participate. Once you share your experiences you will also be entitled to receive a memorable T-shirt. Procedure to follow will be shared with you at a later moment.

How to register?

On the registration website you can register as individual participant or as a team. Before you can enter your information you have to create a login. You will receive a confirmation email with login credentials to login. After login you can enter your information like name of the contact person (team captain), which sections you intend to cover, what means you use, intended date and if you have transportation (available) or need transportation. The interface enables to search for companions. After submission you can return to update/change your registration, rather important if others join your team (enter their names, gender and shirt size).

Special sections/dates

To enable current students to participate we organize transportation to specific start locations on specific dates. We will register 4 designated teams on 4 specific dates: Saturday Oct 16, Sunday Oct 17, Saturday Oct 23 and Sunday Oct 24. You can sign up for these teams by sending an email to the contact person which is listed on the Schermerhorn Race website. To simplify things you will be accepted on first come first serve basis. Once you register you accept that you will participate and travel with the team from early morning to late afternoon/early evening.

Opening/official start Oct 16

On Saturday October 16 we invite up to approximately 8 participants for the official start at the Professor Schermerhornstraat in Delft. Departure and return time will be set at a later moment.

Oct 17, 23 and 24

If there is need (read sufficient registrations) we will also organise transportation from Enschede to a predefined start location and return from end location(s) to Enschede on October 17, 23 and 24. Visit this website regularly to find out who is invited/registered on these dates and respective times, locations and sections.

Oct 29

All participants are invited to cover the final section (Boulevard 1945 - Campus UT) together, if possible by their chosen means of completion.

What if you participate?

Preparation is key ;-). We have designed a route on the basis of Komoot which will/can include sections that are only accessible by foot. If you plan to particpate please check this route on Komoot to check whether the sections you plan to cover are accessible for your method of transportation. If not, you can still participate by covering an alternative route.

Lastly, the route is just a suggestion. You can participate by actively covering any distance, anywhere on the globe with the same objective and incentive. Memorising ITC's 70th anniversary by joining one of the worlds most international and environmental friendly activity.

Memorable shirt

For all participants (registered active participants and supporters being ITC staff, alumni and students) a memorable shirt will be available to wear during the activity (when suitable) and/or cherish as a collectors’ item. We have pre-ordered shirts and on a first come first serve basis your shirt will be available prior to your participation. We cannot guarantee that for all of you your shirt will be available before your participation but we ensure you will get one as soon as possible.

Upon registration you have to fill in your T-shirt size. We offer to register for a male or female gender fit with the following sizes (when in doubt - choose the smaller one):












If you register as a team, the contact person is responsible to list the names of the team members, gender F or M and shirt size. E.g.
Wan Bakx M M
Marieke Bakx F S

Just for certainty: supporters that are not ITC staff, student or alumni will not be entitled to receive a t-shirt.

Survival package

We will offer a "survival package" to all participants who are able to collect it from ITC. It is still a secret what the complete contents will be but for sure you'll find an informative leaflet, the garbage bag, a snack and a drink. You will recive the package when you pick up your memorable t-shirt. Though we call it a survival package you are ultimately responsible for your own safety and health. Be prepared!

Share your experiences (#)

Make sure that you use the hashtag itc70race on social media whenever you post footage of your participation (please make sure content is appropriate ;-). We would like to receive/find photo's, videos, reports such that we can prepare an inspirational after-movie.

Please check here for a summary of the first participations in the Schermerhornrace: Prologue and Official start


You have to organize your own transportation to the start and end points of the sections which you have selected (except when you are selected for the special sections/dates). We have tried our best to create sections which are accessible by public transport and short walks.

Contact persons

The following student and staff are involved with the preparation of this special event and can be contacted for additional information: