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Schermerhorn Race

ITC Schermerhorn race: a mega success

And that is obviously thanks to the participants all over the world who have covered one way or another, without engines, a distance while also collecting garbage. And it was no surprise that once you start looking for litter, there is no end. Sigarette buds, bottles, paper, plastics and even a whole carpet has been collected during the 3 week race.

We have calculated how many kilometers we all together have covered and share a presentation with some nice figures. In addition, all 400+ photographs have been used to create a gigantic photo mosaic. We have two versions; the XL (11 MB) and the XXL version (35MB). You can zom in to see the individual photographs (cut to squares). A sneak preview of the first 1.5 week is available here.

From Saturday October 10 to Friday October 29 ITC hosted the Schermerhorn race; a unique experience in which your participation was not limited to walking, running, cycling, swimming, roller blading etc. The objective was to cover a distance using a sustainable, environmentally friendly method. It was appreciated if you could think of alternative methods using your own energy, solar energy, wind etc. 

The objective was not to have the fastest time, highest speed, or the complete coverage of the route. The objective was to enjoy a social, sportive activity celebrating ITC’s 70th anniversary with as many different ways to move, as many participants as possible and as much fun as possible (under the then prevailing COVID-19 regulations).

Save the environment - collect your garbage

We paid special attention to the environment. That was also one of the reasons why we asked to participate in an environmentally friendly way and to collect all your garbage and perhaps even the garbage and litter you find along the route. For that purpose we supplied a garbage bag in the survival package. Inspire others and share how much you were able to collect. For the most exceptional result we will have a prize!

Shared experiences (#)

#itc70race was used as hastag on social media whenever you posted footage of your participation. With your photo's, videos, reports we will prepare an inspirational after-movie. The map below shows the international reach of this event (and it is not even the final map!).

Contact persons

The following student and staff have been involved with the preparation of this special event and can be contacted for additional information: