We have created an interesting programme to celebrate our 70th dies natalis. Unfortunately, this year we have to do this in a blend between online and on-site participation. Most of our programme can be followed online, and we invite you to register your online as well as your on-site participation. 

On-site participation selection

We aim to have some on-site participation for all sessions. In order to join us at ITC, we require registration before the 22th of October. Unfortunately, registration for on-site registration does not guarantee you a spot. We would like to give everybody an equal chance to join us on-site, and will randomly select on-site participants from current ITC staff/students/visitors and other interested persons. Selected participants will be informed the week beforehand of their on-site participation. This is to ensure we can adequately optimize the number of on-site participants to the then-current corona regulations.

If you are travelling to the ITC building for the first time for this event, please note that we are located just off-campus. Check how to get there using the route description on the website of ITC.

For additional information, please send an e-mail to: 70-years-itc@utwente.nl

Registration for attendance is open
Registrate here