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Alumni e-mail accounts are free personal e-mail accounts offered by ITC for life. They serve as a means of facilitating the communication between alumni and ITC.

The e-mail account has 1 GB of storage space, so plenty of room for a growing address book, enables you to keep in touch with each other and with us too.


To obtain your personal e-mail account fill out this form to subscribe for an alumni account.


When you submitted the subscription form ITC will check whether you are registered as an ITC alumnus and  
will create an account including an personal e-mail account. An e-mail account may read for instance:

As soon as your alumni account is created, you will receive a message on the address that you indicated in the subscription form.

Attention: current students at ITC should not use this form, but follow the instructions indicated on the clearance form which will be supplied at the end of the course.

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Keep record of your password as supplied above! After your alumni account has been created, you will need it when logging in to your alumni mailbox and the discussion groups.

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