Study at ITC

Study load and ECTS

The study load for each course is expressed in credits

The European Union (EU) has developed a European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to allow easy comparison of the study loads of courses within Europe. ITC has adopted this system as a means of improving academic recognition for study abroad.

The study load for each course is expressed in credits (ECs). At ITC, 144 hours of study is equivalent to five ECs.

Programme Credits (ECs)
Master of Science degree 118
Master degree 77
Postgraduate diploma 62
Undergraduate diploma not applicable                
- 3-weeks course 5
- 6-weeks course 10
- 9-weeks course 15
- 10-weeks course 15
- 12-weeks course 20
Undergraduate certificate                  not applicable
Distance 5
Individual modules 5


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