ITC Notebook Programme

Testing and registration

Participants who start an ITC course of nine months or longer (Master's and Diploma programmes), are required to have a notebook computer that meets ITC’s requirements. When you bring your own notebook, you need to run an online test and have your notebook registered so that you will know that the notebook meets the requirements and that it can be used in the ITC course. Support will be optimized and prioritized for registered notebooks, it might not be possible to use non-registered notebooks.

You can check and register your notebook when you are an admitted candidate and have the reference code from the invoice at hand.

Download the testing and registration software.

The reference code is on your invoice which has been mailed to you and/or can be obtained again through ITC’s application system You have to use the reference number as follows:

98765_C09-ABC-MSc-01 (student registration number and coursecode)

After testing you will see if your system is approved or not. You will also see on what item the laptop is not approved.

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