ITC Notebook Programme

Notebook Service Centre

During your stay at ITC, you will receive support from the Notebook Service Centre.

Getting started with your notebook

To help you getting started the Notebook Service Centre can assist you with downloading the software and instruct you how to make a connection with the ITC “wired” network in all ITC-buildings and the wireless network in the ITC-building at the Hengelosestraat 99 Enschede.

Warranty issues

When buying a notebook from the Notebook Project of the University of Twente the Notebook Service Centre will take care of all warranty-issues. In the case of a software and/or hardware defect the notebook can be presented at the Notebook Service Centre in room 1-004 of the ITC building. If the problem cannot be fixed within one hour you will get a replacement for the time needed to fix the problem. Software, personal data and settings will be copied to the replacement. Note: it is your own responsibility to make a regular backup. You are advised to use the external hard disk supplied with your notebook. (Short course participants will not receive the free accessories.)

Furthermore the Notebook Service Centre will assist you in the case of non-warranty-covered repairs.

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