ITC Notebook Programme

Introducing the Notebook Project of the University of Twente

Unbeatable service, value and convenience

Are you considering to buy a notebook for your study at ITC and do you want to know what to buy?
The answer is easy – a notebook from the Notebook Project of the University of Twente!

We have taken the guesswork out of purchasing a notebook computer for study with the Notebook Project of the University of Twente. When you buy a notebook from the UT Notebook Programme you get:

  • an A-brand, state-of-the-art notebook computer from a leading vendor configured to meet your academic needs
  • exceptional on-site services and support and a three-year manufacturer warranty
  • at rock bottom prices
  • UT's network connectivity and a pre-installed operating system
  • access to the server where you can download software.

If you consider purchasing a new computer, this is the programme for you!

Notebook Project of the University of Twente

Notebook Project

Computers play an essential role in ITC’s courses. Most courses also include modules on GIS, remote sensing and modelling, where the use of computers is indispensable. It is mandatory that a student has his/her own notebook.

To make the purchase of notebook computers easier and more affordable, (PhD) students can purchase discounted notebooks that meet ITC's standards and have the peripherals needed to connect to the ITC networks. Moreover, students, making use of the Notebook Project, receive support from the Notebook Service Centre.

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