ITC Notebook Programme

For whom?

Who can make use of the Notebook Project of the University of Twente

All students

All students registered for a study at ITC may buy a notebook through the Notebook Project of the University of Twente, irrespective of the type of course and the duration of their study at ITC.

Students who already have a notebook and do not intend to buy one from the Notebook Project of the University of Twente can only make limited use of the Notebook Service Centre. The Notebook Service Centre will assist you with downloading the software and will provide instructions on how to make a connection with the ITC “wired” network in all ITC-buildings (including ITC International Hotel accommodation) and the wireless network in the ITC-building at the Hengelosestraat in Enschede.

Diploma and degree students

Diploma and degree students in the regular education programmes at ITC who have bought a notebook through the ITC Notebook Programme will be provided with free accessories (stand, keyboard and external hard disk) and may make use of the services provided by ITC's Notebook Service Centre.

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