Project services

Our expertise

Fields of expertise

ITC’s multidisciplinary and problem-oriented approach focuses on the use and provision of geo-information and earth observation in such application fields as:

  • urban planning
  • land administration
  • disaster management
  • strengthening civil society
  • water management
  • earth sciences
  • environmental management and biodiversity
  • food security and land degradation.

The ITC projects database lists the application of ITC's expertise in different projects.

Keeping up with rapid changes

Any organisation providing and/or using geoinformation – for example, survey and mapping agencies, land registries (cadastre), government agencies (e.g. municipalities), and planning and resource management organisations (e.g. water boards) – needs highly educated professionals that are able to deal with the drastic changes in their operating environment, such as the rapid developments in geo-IC technology and architecture, increased competition, and government policies on cost-recovery,decentralisation, and the empowerment of users and clients.

To accommodate the rapidly changing demand for capacity building and institutional strengthening, ITC offers a flexible package of training and project services tailored to the needs of its clientele in terms of content, duration and location.

For more information about project services, contact the Bureau Marketing and Project Services.