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Tuning Africa

Feasibility Study on the Relevance of a Tuning Approach for Higher Education in Africa

Project location Africa
Starting date 28 June 2010
Completion date 28 February 2011
Project leader Dr. Anton Vrieling
Project officer John Horn
Project type Consulting
Budget Euro 28,000

The Tuning project was initiated in Europe as a response of Universities to the Bologna Process. Tuning aims at reaching common points of reference for higher education curricula, while focusing on competences and skills. This should increase transparency in academic and professional profiles, which promotes mobility of students and graduates through comparable and compatible qualifications. Consensus building on key competences is hence an important characteristic of the Tuning process and involves academics, graduates, students, and employers from participating countries. More information on Tuning can be found on:

In the framework of collaboration between the African Union and the European Union, in 2010 a feasibility study was initiated to see whether a Tuning project could be appropriate for African Higher Education Institutions and could help to support strategic objectives for Africa. Due to the long experience of ITC in African Higher Education, ITC was asked to contribute to this feasibility study and to coordinate the work for West Africa. Interviews were held with staff and students at universities, polytechnics, and employers in Ghana and Senegal. A regional report for West Africa was prepared giving recommendations on the appropriateness of a Tuning project.

The Tuning Africa study was coordinated for the European Commission, by the University of Deusto in Spain and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, together with partner institutions, the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the Coimbra Group of Universities. The project was finalized with a workshop in Nairobi (March 2011) where key players of African Higher Education were present. More details on this workshop and its outcomes can be found here.

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