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TIGER Capacity Building Facility (2nd phase, extended)

Project location Africa
Starting date 01 July 2009
Completion date 31 December 2013
Client ESA-ESRIN - Italy
Project leader Bob Su
Project officer Bert Boer
Project type Contract education
Budget Euro 800,000

The TIGER Capacity Building Facility (TCBF) has been established to support 20 African institutions to carry out their TIGER research projects on Earth Observation applications for water management. After a successful first phase, the TIGER initiative was endorsed by AMCOW for its second phase (2009 - 2011). The TCBF is carried out by a consortium consisting of ITC (lead), TUDelft, ISEGI-UNL and VITO. Furthermore three African regional institutions are involved: RCMRD, AGRHYMET and WRC. The main objective of the TCBF is to provide supervision and training to the project holders. TCBF activities are: a) management, coordination and reporting, b) support to the TIGER regional offices, c) delivery of training sessions, d) tailored capacity building activities, e) communication and promotion and d) resource mobilization.

ESA TIGER website

ITC TIGER website

The second phase of this project was completed in June 2012. This was followed by an extension till the end of 2013. The activities, which started in the second phase were mostly continued, but there was were two very important new elements: 1.) the development of a training kit, which contains teaching material for short courses in the following topics:

  • satellite data acquisition,
  • land cover mapping,
  • water quality remote sensing,
  • microwave remote sensing and flood monitoring,
  • crop monitoring and irrigation and
  • vegetation and drought monitoring.

There is a new phase planned for the TIGER Capacity Building Facility, which will start most probably in July 2014.

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