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Incomati IWRM

Project location South Africa
Starting date 01 September 2013
Completion date 01 January 2016
Client For
Partners Consortium led by Hydrologic with E-Leaf, Inkomati Catchment Management Authority, KNMI, E-Leaf, WineJob and Groot Salland Waterboard.
Project leader Arno van Lieshout
Project officer Bert Boer
Project type Consulting
Budget 92000

The project objective is to demonstrate the added value of the HydroNET Water Control Room to the following leading water institutes in South-Africa and to train them how these HydroNET applications can help them reducing water-related problems such as drought and flood damage:

  • South African Weather Service (SAWS) responsible for providing all meteorological information in South-Africa.
  • Inkomati Catchment Management Agency (ICMA): the first out of 9 Catchment Management Agencies in South-Africa which will be established the coming years.
  • eThekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS): South-Africa’s leading and most innovative utility which works together closely with the Netherlands via the Centre of Expertise.
  • The department of Agriculture of Western Cape Government (WCG) where the most successful wine farmers of South-Africa are based.

By giving these beneficiaries access to the HydroNET Water Control Room with tailor made dashboards and applications and by providing training, they can improve their decision making process and make better and smarter use of the limited water resources.

ITCs’ role is the establishement of a GEONETCast receiving station at ICMA, the development of dedicated applications for the HydroNET Water Control Room based on data from GEONETCast . ITC will also develop training materials related to the above and conduct a workshop introducing the Water Control Room to South African CMA’s and other interested organizations.

Keywords: Earth observation, institution building, capacity development

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