Major projects

Collaborating International Land Administration and Management Education in LAMP 2 Philippines

Project team
Project team
Project location Germany
Starting date 01 September 2009
Completion date 30 May 2010
Client Land Equity International – Australia, Visayas State University, Baybay Leyte - Philippines
Partners University of Twente, Fac. of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Project leader Johan de Meijere
Project officer Paul Schoonackers
Project type Curriculum development and capacity building
Budget Euro 110,000

In the Philippines the reform of the land administration sector has for several years been supported by World Bank financed Land Administration and Management projects (LAMP). One of the key deliverables of the Land Administration and Management Project 2 (LAMP2) is the establishment of new, tertiary-level land administration and management (LAM) courses or programs in the Philippines to support the sector reform. The Project identified Visayas State University (VSU) in Baybay, Leyte as partner. The Australian Government supported the training component in the LAMP 2 project through the services of Land Equity International (LEI). A contract was awarded to a consortium composed of the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) to collaborate with VSU in the development of the course curriculum and support VSU staff members for its implementation.

The Project
The goal of the project was to contribute to the development of a Land Administration Curriculum and strengthening the capacity of VSU staff for its implementation.

The immediate objective of the project was to review and develop the land administration courses and teaching approaches for the implementation of a Diploma and MSc. Course.

The projects was implemented in four phases consisting of:

  • A four-week immersion visit for selected faculty of VSU to provide them with an overview in planning, preparing and delivering LAM-related education courses
  • The development and transfer of  teaching and learning materials 
  • An off-site support in preparing the material and adopt to local requirements 
  • A quality assurance phase with staff at VSU before the implementation of the program.

The immersion visit consisted of 2 weeks at ITC - the Netherlands and 2 weeks in Muenchen- Germany.
VSU staff had already prepared the outline of their courses and in an intensive interaction combined with visits to agencies and land management projects the specifications of the courses were elaborated.
Materials from TUM and ITC were reviewed and made available to be adapted to local conditions and requirements.

In May 2010 an intensive workshop was held at VSU whereby all courses, materials and teaching methods
were reviewed with participation of staff from ITC and TUM. Also short executives courses for staff of land management agencies were designed. Immediately afterwards, in June 2010, the LAM program at VSU was officially launched during the final LAMP 2 Project event in Manila.

The first batch of students started the course in June 2010. VSU staff is now implementing the program with great enthusiasm and commitment. Also after the official contract had ended the contacts between VSU, ITC and TUM have continued through visits and regular e mails.

There is an interest from all parties concerned to develop and maintain this curriculum which is well embedded as an inter-departmental course at VSU with its extensive knowledge in agriculture, natural sciences and sociology of the rural communities. Participants in the course are largely professionals working in land management issues which are a good basis to keep the program academically focused on real life issues.

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