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Kathmandu Participatory River Monitoring

A model for South Asia

In situ measurements (Source:
In situ measurements (Source:
Project location Nepal
Starting date 01 February 2006
Completion date 01 February 2008
Client Adelphi Research GmbH
Project leader Pikha Shrestha
Project officer Sabine Maresch
Project type Consulting
Budget Euro 94,893

KAPRIMO is a participatory approach in the field of river conservation. It aims to develop, implement and demonstrate a functional and non-conventional river monitoring system, which will stand alone as the backbone and pioneering step towards the restoration process of the rivers of the Kathmandu Valley. It is expected that KAPRIMO will serve as a catalyst for basin and nation-wide river monitoring and conservation planning. The project is designed in a way to be replicated on a regional, national or international level, establishing it as a model for Nepal and South Asia

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