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GEO Network for Capacity Building (GEONetCab)

Project location Global
Starting date 11 January 2009
Completion date 12 October 2013
Client European Commission - DG Research Directorate Environment
Project leader Mark Noort
Project officer Bert Boer
Project type Consulting
Budget Euro 999,998

The purpose of the GEO Network for Capacity Building (GEO-Net-Cab) project is to create the conditions for the improvement and increase of the GEO capacity building activities and framework, with special emphasis on developing countries, new EU member states (and EU neighbouring states) and climate monitoring and will serve the bigger goal of improved effectiveness and efficiency of GEO capacity building for application in the GEO societal benefit areas. Coinciding with this purpose, successful brokerage with (potential) clients for earth observation products and services will be facilitated.

The project will deliver the following output:

  1. Capacity building needs in earth observation are identified (at a generic and global level, but with emphasis on the target regions).
  2. Specifications for earth observation capacity building are described.
  3. Resource providers are identified.
  4. Sustainable brokerage between stakeholders (including resource providers) is established. 
  5. A mechanism to facilitate cooperation between stakeholders and providers is established. 
  6. A global base of technical expertise for education and training in earth observation is established (with emphasis on developing countries, new EU member states and climate monitoring). 
  7. Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for determining the efficacy of GEO capacity building efforts are established.

To achieve maximum impact demonstration projects will be carried out in Southern Africa, the French-speaking African region, Czech Republic and Poland, with spin-offs to EU neighbouring countries and Latin America and Asia. The project (with a duration of three years) will be carried out by a strong consortium of partners from the Netherlands, France, South Africa, Morocco, Czech Republic and Poland, supervised by an advisory board with world-wide representation and strong connections to GEO.

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