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GEONETCast for Early Warning and Food Security – Ethiopia


Project location Ethiopia
Starting date 21 December 2011
Completion date 22 February 2013
Client UN-WFP (World Food Program)
Partners Consortium led by ITC
Project leader Chris Mannaerts
Project officer Bert Boer
Project type Consulting
Contract education
Budget 252,042 USD (phase I&II)

The GNC4WFS project aims to develop near real time earth observation and in-situ data reception infrastructure and earth observation capacity to support early warning for food security in Ethiopia. The project further focuses at developing sustained human capacity for data management, food security analysis and monitoring.

The GEONETCast global data dissemination and open geospatial data analysis technology developed by ITC-University of Twente (ITC-UT) with 52North is used as work infrastructure. The project components are executed with the Ethiopian Government agencies Disaster Risk Management for Food Security Sector Agency (DRMFSS) of the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Meteorological Agency (NMA) of Ethiopia, mandated to timely inform the decision makers and public on food security and livelihood vulnerability in Ethiopia. The project medium and long term goals further aim to build long standing education and research partnerships, to maximize knowledge generation and exchange between Ethiopian and European (Dutch) partners. Funding for the first phases is currently provided by the WFP, the Ethiopian Government and ITC-University of Twente.

Keywords: food security, earth observation, data infrastructure, institution building, capacity development

52North - Earth Observation community EumetCast - GEONETCast World Food Programme ITC, Department of Water Resources National Meteorology Agency Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector


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