Major projects

FAO: Agricultural water and land productivity in Africa and the Near East

Project location Africa
Starting date 16 March 2016
Completion date 15 March 2019
Client ELEAF
Project leader Mannaerts
Project officer Bert Boer
Project type Contract research
Budget 254.618 Euro

Under this contract services are provided to FAO regarding the development of an operational data base covering Africa and the Near East, containing mainly remotely sensed data. These data will be used to monitor, in near real time, agricultural water and land productivity as well as carbon dioxide uptake by vegetation.

The partnership is led by ELEAF and includes VITO, Waterwatch Cooperative and the University of Twente. Within the UT, both ITC-WRS and the Water Management Group participate in the project. Jointly they have the role of independently validating the data, guarding data quality throughout the project.

Specific UT activities:
The UT team leads the:

  • preparation and submission of the detailed methodology of the quality control process
  • validation of sample data to calibrate models
  • quality control of the dataset from 2009 to December 2018

The UT team contributes to the:

  • detailed review of the proposed methodology in dose cooperation with FAO
  • sample data validation
  • development of updated methodology and production process
  • field visits of a validation team in project areas (proposed are Morocco, Ethiopia)
  • internal monitoring and evaluation of the FRAME project
  • supply of detailed information on datasets for inclusion in FAO database
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