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Capacity Building Partnership in Land Administration for Sustainable Economic Development in Vietnam

Project location Vietnam
Starting date 01 March 2010
Completion date 29 February 2012
Client Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Vietnam Facility Programme
Partners University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC),
Kadaster International,
Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam
Project leader Sjaak Beerens
Project officer Paul Schoonackers
Project type Institutional strengthening and capacity building
Budget Euro 235,667 (Vietnam Facility Programme contribution € 163,431)


The Vietnamese economy experiences a very rapid economic growth. The absence of a proper and well-functioning land administration system turns out to obstruct investments to sustain this development. At the same time the deficiencies in land administration result in conflicts over land affecting in particular the poor in society. With a view to maintaining the pace of development and acknowledging the importance of a modern land administration system for national socio-economic development, the Vietnamese government has embarked on an ambitious programme of revising the land law in 2011 and developing a modern digital and automated land administration system.

The Vietnamese government has recognized the severe lack of human capacity to transform the land sector and to realize the ambitious plans. This deficiency concerns both institutional and organizational aspects (land policy, land law, land administration and business administration) as well as appropriate technological systems (information management and technology, database management, geographical information systems and international standards). The Hanoi University of Science (part of the Vietnam National University in Hanoi) has been assigned the task to support the government in addressing their capacity requirements. In doing so HUS faces the challenge of upgrading and improving the existing curricula to meet the requirements of new legal arrangements and modern digital and automated land administration systems.

The Project

The goal of the project is to contribute to better land administration in Vietnam by strengthening the capacity of central and local government in realizing national policy ambitions in land administration.

The immediate objective of the project is to improve existing capacity at the Hanoi University of Science to deliver effective and relevant education and training in land administration.

The project activities cover the complete range of activities typical for overall capacity building including:

Land Administration students doing fieldwork  © HUS
Land Administration students doing fieldwork
  1. Training Needs Assessment for capacity building in land administration.
  2. Development of an up-to-date curriculum for a Master of Science Course and short term training in Land Administration, including course design, teaching/learning material, case studies, quality control system and infrastructural development (equipment/software).
  3. Development of Research & Development capacity in support of the scientific sustainability of the MSc/training programme in Land Administration
  4. Strengthening of the capacity of Hanoi University of Science staff by means of
    1. training of trainers of staff at ITC in the Netherlands
    2. on-the-job training and coaching in implementing the education/ training in Vietnam
  5. Human resources development by:
    1. educating fresh graduates and young professionals at the Hanoi University of Science through the newly developed MSc and training courses; and
    2. conducting training workshops for managers and technicians of national and local government in new approaches and modern technologies in land administration.

The development of the MSc Degree course in Land Administration at the Hanoi University of Science fits in the ITC strategy of developing joint educational programmes, and allows students to do part of their study at ITC in the Netherlands eventually resulting in either a joint or a double MSc degree.

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