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NameCountryPromotion yearDissertation no.Thesis title
Dr. Elias NyandwiRwanda2017311Understanding wetlands reclamation and soil-transmitted helminths and schistosomiasis incidence patterns in Rwanda (2001-2012)
Dr. Adrie MukashemaRwanda2017310Smallholder coffee terroirs of Rwanda: linking local to global trade through geographical characterization
Dr. Anahita KhosravipourIran2017309Detecting individual trees from LiDAR
Dr. Razieh ZandiehIran2017308Healthy urban planning: the influence of the built environment on older adults’ outdoor walking
Dr. Fangyuan YuChina2017307Conservation biogeography of Rhododendrons in China
Dr. Ying ZhangChina2017306Bike sharing usage: mining on the trip data of bike-sharing users
Dr. Sibusisiwe A. KhuluseSouth Africa2017305Spatial statistical modelling of urban particulate matter
Dr. Kapongola Oswald NganyanyukaTanzania2017303Seeing like a citizen: access to water in urban and rural Tanzania
Dr. Elnaz NeinavazIran2017302Sensing vegetation canopies in the thermal domain
Dr. Mengmeng LiChina2017301Urban land use extraction from very high resolution remote sensing images

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