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NameCountryProvisional thesis title
Mr. Yasser AbbasiIranEvaluation and monitoring of environmental exposure to micro-pollutants. Pesticides Pollution - Case study of the lake Naivasha Basin
Mr. Mahmood M.I.A. AbdelkaderEgyptAnalyzing and managing human settlement growth in the Nile Valley, Egypt
Mr. Haidi Jamal AbdullahIraqDetection of Bark Beetle (Green Attack) using remote sensing techniques
Ms. Marieke G.H. AbelenNetherlandsWhat did you do with your land?
Mr. Zaid AbubakariGhanaThe influence of inheritance on land information updating in customary tenure
Mr. Aulia AkbarIndonesiaThe role of collaborative spatial learning in improving participatory planning and budgeting practices in Indonesia
Ms. Fakhereh AlidoostIranRemote sensing and spatial statistical methods to design an Irrigation Advisory System (IAS) for assessing near real time irrigation water requirement
Ms. Nina AmiriIranTree species classification by fusion of full waveform Lidar and Hyperspectral data
Ms. Behnaz ArabiIranCoupled water-atmosphere model Wadden Sea
Ms. Andrea Lucia Araujo NavasEquadorSpatio-temporal uncertainty in mapping and modelling of helminth infections and their associated morbidity

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