The Directorate of ITC is responsible for the overall management of ITC

The Rector/Dean and the Managing Director form the ITC Directorate. The Directorate is supported by the Faculty Bureau.

The Rector/Dean is the highest authority in the ITC Faculty. He is responsible for the overall management of ITC. Furthermore the Rector/Dean is in charge of the management and organisation of education and the exercise of scholarly activities within the Faculty.

  • Rector/Dean - Prof. dr. ir. Tom Veldkamp

Managing Director
The Managing Director, on behalf of the Rector/Dean, is responsible for the operational management of the ITC Faculty.

  • Managing Director - Ms Erna Leurink

Faculty Management Team
The Rector/Dean chairs the Management Team consisting of:

  • Rector/Dean
  • Managing Director
  • Portfolio holder Education - Prof. dr. Jaap Zevenbergen 
  • Portfolio holder Research - Prof. dr. ir. Alfred Stein
  • Portfolio holder Capacity Development - Prof. dr. Freek van der Meer

Directorate and Faculty Bureau - Staff

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