ISPRS Symposium Cross-Border Education for Global Geo-information - The Netherlands

ISPRS Mid Term Symposium of Commission VI


The spatial processes affecting the sustainable development of our living environment are of a supra-national and even a global scale. Geo-ICT plays an increasing role in the management of these processes. We also see the development of global delivery networks for Geo-ICT products and services. Partners in these chains must have a common understanding of the specifications and conditions for product and service delivery.

Young people in particular should be stimulated to choose for a professional career in this field. They should form part of an international professional community ready to engage and collaborate with their highly qualified and experienced colleagues for life-long learning.

International partnerships and consortia for cross border education provide a new setting for the education in this context. Web-based education and distance learning approaches and e-delivery of educational services are developing very fast. Partnerships for developing of international curricula require the possibility of the transfer of credit points between educational institutions.

Call for papers

Papers are solicited on the themes of the commission and its working groups:

  • Web-Based Education
  • E-Delivery of Education Services
  • Frameworks for Cross-Border Education
  • Joint Educational Programmes
  • Promotion of the Profession to Young People (The Student Consortium)
  • Special Interest Group “Technology Transfer Caravan”.


Please note that the deadline for submitting abstracts is extended till 15 February 2010 !

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Event starts: Wednesday 02 June 2010 at 00:00
Event ends: Friday 04 June 2010 at 00:00
Venue: ITC
Organized by: ISPRS, GIN, ITC, AARSE
City where event takes place: Enschede
Country where event takes place: Netherlands
E-mail address:
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