Water Cycle and Climate


Ongoing PhD research projects

Assimilation of Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Data from Multiple Sensors into the SCOPE Model: Monitoring Soil Moisture Deficit Impacts on Canopy Structure and Functioning from Space
Bagher Bayat

Using coupled water – atmosphere radiative transfer models for water quality monitoring over the Wadden Sea
Behnaz Arabi

Atmosphere boundary layer and application of remote sensing data
Binbin Wang

Modelling rainfall interception through a multilayer energy balance approach
César Cisneros

Multi-scale analysis of dynamics and patterns of plant habitat wetness in freshwater wetlands
Chengliang Liu

Towards improved hydro-meteorological forecasting of flash floods in Africa
Donald Rwasoka

TRuStEE: Developing operational radiative transfer models for plant traits and ecosystem functional properties estimation from multi source remote sensing data
Egor Prikaziuk

Partitioning of subsurface evaporation into unsaturated and saturated zone components
Enrico Balugani

Remote sensing and spatial statistical methods to design an Irrigation Advisory System (IAS) for assessing near real time irrigation water requirement
Fakhereh Alidoost

Satellite-based soil moisture estimation for watershed modeling
Haris Bhatti

Soil Hydraulic and Thermal Properties Estimated from Remote Sensing
Hong Zhao

Soil moisture retrieval from Sentinel-1 satellite data and application in a Land Surface Model
Harm-Jan Benninga

Water quality research of Hydropower Reservoirs in Amazon basin
Isabel L. Sousa Brandao

Hydrometeorological effects on vegetation observed by optical spectroscopy and microwave scattering
Jan Hofste

Towards Near Real Time Rainfall Observation Using Data from Commercial Telecommunication Networks and Geostationary Satellite Observations
Kumah Kwabena Kingsley

Estimation of Surface Heat Fluxes over Urban Areas from Remote Sensing
Junping Du

Investigating Freeze/Thaw Process of Permafrost over Tibetan Plateau under Climate Change
Lianyu Yu

Model based characterization of wetland evapotranspiration from remote sensing
Loise Nancy Nangira Wandera

Improving seasonal rainfall predictions using satellite data
Margaret Kimani

Validation of satellite-based water productivity using energy and mass transfer approaches
Megan Blatchford

Impact of climate change on groundwater resources in the Central Kalahari Karoo Basin
Moiteela Lekula

Exploring fluorescence and pigment reflectance as methods to estimate photosynthesis with remote sensors
Nastassia Rajh Vilfan

Validation and use of satellite derived evapotranspiration estimates in semi-arid regions of South Africa
Nobuhle Patience Majozi

Prediction of future sustainability of groundwater resources in Bali Island, Indonesia
Novi Rahmawati

Retrieving soil moisture content over agricultural areas using remote sensing data
Omar Ali Ahmed Mohamed

Soil moisture monitoring using active and passive microwave
Qiang Wang

Combining digital colorimetry and spectrometry to investigate relationships between water color and biogeochemistry
Ruosha Zeng

Impact of climate change on water resources in hard rocks
S.M. Tanvir Hassan

Towards a near real time remote sensing based agricultural water productivity monitoring system: A case of the Naivasha Basin, Kenya
Sammy Njuki

Soil moisture and its impact on the East Asia summer monsoon forecasting
Shaoning Lv

Trends in rainfall extremes over the Netherlands: changes due to climate and urbanization
Vahid Rahimpour Golroudbary

Observing The Zambezi Basin In Zimbabwe From Space
Webster Gumindoga

Optical Properties of Turbid Coastal Water and their Remote Sensing Retrievals Based on Radiative Transfer Approaches
Xiaolong Yu

The role of sea surface salinity in the Indian Ocean and its effect on the South Asian monsoon
Xu Yuan

Evaluating and Monitoring of Environmental Exposure to Micro-Pollutants
Yasser Abbasi

Completed PhD research projects

Modelling the footprint of the land on the atmosphere (2016)
Dr. Wim J. Timmermans

How climate and land use determine the hydrology of Lake Naivasha Basin (2016)
Dr. Vincent Omondi Odongo

Retrieval of soil moisture at global scale from satellite data acquired by passive and active microwave sensors (2016)
Dr. Laura Dente

Evaluation of hydrological response of the Yangtze river basin to climate change and human activities (2016)
Dr. Ying Huang

Exploring downstream water availability of the Yellow River based on historic and projected runoff change in the source region area (2015)
Dr. Donghai Zheng

Integration of hydrogeophysics and remote sensing with coupled hydrological models (2015)
Dr. Alain Pascal Francés

Tree-water interactions at varying spatiotemporal scales in a water limited environment (2015)
Dr. Leonardo Reyes Acosta

Simulating energy, water and CO2 fluxes at representative desert ecosystems over Central Asia (2015)
Dr. Longhui Li

Modeling of forest above-ground biomass and evapotranspiration dynamics (2015)
Dr. Xin Tian

Retrieving surface variables by integrating ground measurements and earth observation data in forest canopies: a case study in Speuldersbos forest (2015)
Dr. Kitsiri Weligepolage

Integrating water resources modelling and remote sensing in Karkheh river basin, Iran (2014)
Dr. Lal Muthuwatta

Irrigation assessment via remote sensing and land surface model data (2014)
Dr. Mireia Romaguera Albentosa

Remote sensing and modelling of snow processes (2014)
Dr. Jahanzeb Malik

Hydrological impacts of reforesting degraded pasture land in the middle mountain zone of Central Nepal (2014)
Dr. Chandra Ghimire

Land-atmosphere interactions and their relationships to the Asian monsoon in the Tibetan Plateau (2014)
Dr. Lei Zhong

Earth observation for quantifying ecohydrological fluxes and interrelations: a regional case: the Konya Closed Basin, Turkey (2013)
Dr. Mustafa Gökmen

The plateau scale land-air interaction and its connections to troposphere and lower stratosphere (2013)
Dr. Xuelong Chen

Reactive nitrogen dynamics in streams: case study in the agricultural Upper Roxo catchment, Portugal (2012)
Dr. Mariela Andrea Yevenes Burgos

Coupled dynamics in soil: understanding the transport mechanisms of liquid water, water vapor, air pressure and heat by field experiments and numerical simulation (2012)
Dr. Yijian Zeng

Integrating remote sensing, GIS and mathematical modelling for surface water quality management in an irrigated watersheds (2012)
Dr. Amel Moustafa Azab

Coupling optical and thermal directional radiative transfer to biophysical processes in vegetated canopies (2011)
Dr. Joris Timmermans

Mitigating China's water scarcity and pollution : environmental and economic accounting, modelling and policy analysis (2011)
Dr. Changbo Qin

Planning of system innovations in watersheds: spatial mapping of environmental and hydrological determinants in Pangani and upper Ewaso Ng'iro north river basins, Africa (2011)
Dr. Jeniffer Kinoti

Shallow groundwater effect on land surface temperature and surface energy balance: description, modeling and remote sensing application (2011)
Dr. Fouad Alkhaier

Rainfall variability and estimation for hydrologic modeling: a remote sensing based study at the source basin of the Upper Blue Nile river (2010)
Dr. Alex T. Haile – NUFFIC funding.

Remote sensing of tropical coastal waters: study of the Berau estuary, east Kalimantan, Indonesia (2010)
Dr. Wiwin Ambarwulan

Soil moisture remote sensing using active microwaves and land surface modeling (2010)
Dr. Rogier van der Velde

Tree transpiration mapping from upscaled sap flow in the Botswana Kalahari (2009)
Dr. Diana Chavarro-Rincon – funded by WOTRO Dutch research foundation.

Measurements and modelling of evapotranspiration to assess agricultural water productivity in basins with changing land use patterns: a case study in the Sao Francisco River basin, Brazil (2008)
Dr. A.H. de Castro Teixeira - funded by ITC and Wageningen University.

Soil moisture dynamics and evapotranspiration at the fringe of the Botswana Kalahari (2007)
Dr. Obolokile Thothi Obakeng – funded by Government of Botswana.